• Ruins and complements

    This product line will allow you to enrich and complete your diorama, giving more realism and a touch of originality.

  • Accessories for dioramas

    A richest diorama in more details will be realistic, in this category you will find a wide variety of accessories that will make your diorama a real masterpiece!

  • AFV Microdetails Set

    Don’t compromise on realism and quality, for super detailing your models, use this prolific and comprehensive line of sets that will give your models extreme realism!

  • AFV Accessories

    A detailed super model has definitely need to be completed with these additional accessories, in this section you will find a wide range of products always continuously updated, from ammunition to equipment and much more.

  • Kit & Conversions (1/35)

    In this category we have included some complete kits and conversions, once completed you can display them on a base or even better, put them in a diorama, the choice is yours!

  • Figures

    With this line we have tried to produce the subjects useful to characterize the most of your diorama or to be used individually for a realization on base.

  • Figures accessories...

    With these accessories you can super detail your figures, equipment, arms, heads, and much more making your creations even more original and realistic.

  • Vignettes & bases

    An interesting variety of bases and scenes to display your creations in an alternative and original way

  • Busts

    The bold and the brave soldiers are represented in these beautiful busts on scale 1/10. 

  • Tools & accessories

    In this category we have collated a series of useful tools and accessories that will prove to be indispensable for your future creations.

  • Miscellany

    In this section you will find different types of products, combined with your creativity these can be used in the most appropriate way for your projects.

  • Catalog

    Our full colour catalogue contains more than 60 pages, inside you will find fantastic photographs of dioramas made with our products and get practical advice on how to use the photo-etched sets and other accessories available on our web site.

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