The Royal Model came into existence in the early 1990s in Catania (Italy) as a result of the passion that its founder, Roberto Reale, has always had for the world of art in general and of modelling in particular. In 1992 with the appearance of its first products, ROYAL MODEL soon was awarded the Modell Fan magazine prize in the "accessories for dioramas" category and from that time on there have been a continuing number of accollades that have led the company to invest all of its energies in the articles that it has produced to date.

Today ROYAL MODEL is one of the few companies that can pride itself on offering a catalog that completely addresses all aspects of military modeling, in particular in 1/35 scale, always seeking to provide the modeler with ground-breaking products that are accurate in every detail. As in the past, ROYAL MODEL continues to dedicate as much attention as possible to producing its unique line of products, reproducing the most minute details with the utmost attention and precision, using the best materials available and innovative technology combined with experienced and knowledgeable personnel, while constantly engaging in scrupulous historical research for details which remains the bedrock of the success of this company. After 20 years of business we can rely on a world-wide distribution organization, which leads us to believe that we have succeeded in making our products readily available even for customers who may not be able to find them in their own location.

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